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Social Media Content Services

High Quality, Branded, Educational, Entertaining and Engaging Content for Your Facebook Page

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Maybe you’ve heard...

Since Facebook has changed their business model to try to get more businesses to use their paid ads, the reach for their organic traffic is less and less.

That is why less and less people are getting to see the content you share on your Facebook page!

  • But you already have fans that like and visit your Facebook page and you don’t want to miss on that engagement and on the opportunity to share your special offers to reach and attract more fans that could then become your patients
  • And you don’t want to pay for ads all the time in order to reach your prospects
  • ​​​​​​​You also want to attract more people to start using your services and want to use your Facebook page to do some of the initial introduction to your services

But the fact is that Facebook pages that share good content CONSISTENTLY are still getting great results without having to use paid ads.

So what can you do to maintain and grow your Social Media following and attract more people to use your services?

Nowadays, people search online for what they need and do two things when they find a business they may use.

They go to:

  1. Visit your website- they want to find out as much as possible about you and your services

  2. Your Facebook page. There they want to see current information and how people are engaging with you.  They are looking for high quality content branded to your business and posted frequently (daily if possible). Content that educates, entertains and helps answer some of the questions they may have about you and/or your services.


But as a business owner you

  • Are busy helping your patients with your services

  • You don’t have time to create and find new content daily to post on Facebook

  • Want to be able to share content that your fans can relate to and you don’t know where to begin to create this content

  • Need a solution that is reliable, professional, of high quality and that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg

That is why we are helping our clients with our Social Content Service- High Quality Branded Content Posted Daily​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For a small one-time set up and a low monthly fee, we provide our clients with:

  1. A DAILY post using text and/or images of educational and entertaining content branded to the business

  2. Pre-Scheduled daily postings that keep fans engaged

  3. Once a month special offer post

  4. A new  Facebook page cover every month

  5. 20-30 second video showcasing a product, service or patient review per month

  6. EXCLUSIVITY as we only offer this service to one client per local zip code

​​​​​​​Here are examples of the type of posts and Facebook covers that we will create for you 

If you are ready to attract and engage more prospects using your Facebook page, let’s get you started... before your local competitor finds out about our exclusive services!