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Leverage Your Facebook™ Business Page to Grow Your Business...Faster!

Your FB "Fans" Are A Goldmine...

Effective January 2018, the management team at Facebook™ (FB) overhauled the newsfeed of their Business Pages to focus on what friends and family members say and share about a business. This means that what your FB fans see on your FB Business page and comment or share with friends and family will have a greater impact on how many people you can reach and how many of them you can attract to your business directly from your FB page.

This change in focus created a great opportunity for local businesses like yours to leverage your FB business page to attract, engage and convert more fans and their friends & family into new patients or clients.

This is called “Social Selling” because you attract more people by consistently posting content, images, videos, contests, quizzes, giveaways and more on your FB page to create interaction and engagement which in turn gets a lot more people to share your content so they learn about your business and call or come in to your office.

By taking advantage of our Social Domination Service  where we Makeover and Takeover all the work required to manage and maintain your FB business page, we help you grow your audience, reach and the interaction you want in order to get more people to take an action: call you, message you or come to your office to start using your services.

Why Would You Want to Optimize your Facebook Page ?

Because people are searching for businesses on Facebook more than ever. If you show up earlier in the search results and newsfeed, and if your Facebook page is designed to convert people into clients/patients, you have an unfair advantage over your competitors

The overall goal is to create desire for the prospects to seek more information from you, to call you or message you and/or to come to your business.-

To accomplish this MILE will:

  1. Makeover your Facebook Business Page and

  2. Takeover the daily/weekly/monthly advertising, posting and management of your FB Business Page. By doing this we boost the number of fans to your FB Business Page, create more engagement/interaction with those fans, their friends and their family and also respond to their comments in order to get them to call you for more information, to come by your office, or to take advantage of any special offer you may want to promote.

But RESULTS are the ONLY thing that matters…

  • A simple cartoon resulted in 7 direct messages for a dentist's office with requests to schedule appointments.

  • One client turned a 15-minute massage promotion into multiple long-term clients.

  • A local boutique's social media following grew so much that they completely sold out on a special offer - all online, from people outside of their local area!

  • A car dealer sold 70 cars in one month by running a special giveaway

  • A simple birthday discount offer gets groups of people coming in to celebrate someone’s birthday

  • And many, many more…

By doing things differently, you get much better results!

MILE’s Social Domination Services

A proven system to help local businesses create and expand brand awareness, engagement & sales directly from their FB Business Page! 

With the Social Domination Service we Makeover and Takeover your FB Business Page and:

  • Optimize your page with a professional Cover ,

  • Add new Posts daily (information, news, contests, quizzes, videos and more) in order to attract new fans and get those fans to interact and share your content

  • Post  your content not only on FB but also share it on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

  •  Respond to fans comments or messages within your FB Business Page

  • Create FB Events that also show on mobile phones via FB’s Local App in order to attract more local people  

  • Create FB Check In Campaign

  • Create an ad to attract more people to your page

  • Create and upload up to four videos to your FB page

  • And we will send you monthly reports showing your results

This works because…what people say and share on social media influences what people do, buy and where they go!

That is why posting content on your FB Business Page consistently will help you attract more people interested in using your services.

Plus our proven service will save you tons of time, effort and also money.

Let us show you how you can leverage MILE’s Social Domination Services to get more people to start using your services by capitalizing on the Fans and their friends and their family engaging with the content we add and share on your FB Business Page.

Contact Us ​​​​​​​for all the details. The sooner we get you started the sooner you will start getting more local people interested in using your services.