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One tested and PROVEN offer combined with a targeted Facebook ad campaign can result in multiple  people calling your office to make an appointment and become your new patients, like for these clients:

                      DENTIST RESULTS

-People Calling after they saw the ad/offer: 67

-New Patients directly from ad:  35

-People coming in with those 35 from the ad : 5

-​40 new patients all within 30 days!

-See additional dentist case study by clicking here​​​​​​​ 




Our client a Plastic Surgeon in CA was able to attract 37  patients to  come in for one additional service.

RESULTS:  $92,565 in additional  revenue with just this campaign.

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DISCLAIMER:These are actual results for these clients.but they may not reflect the typical client experience.. Testimonials and statements made are not to be construed as claims made by The MILE Group.. We can't guarantee your results but we do guarantee at least a 3X Return on Your Investment  (ROI) or we will refund your fees for our services.. Individual results will vary and there is no guarantee of specific results

Our client has a list of over  2,000 patients that had not come back for the last year. Using a combination of text (SMS) and email messages we were able to "bring back" 255 people who started using their services again. Now we are also adding Facebook Ads to attract even more of them to come back. 


Clients with inactive lists of patients are sitting on a goldmine that they can "monetize" to generate more revenue out of "thin air" You can also build your own list with our mReach System


As part of  our  Patient or Client Attraction and Reactivation Services we help our clients attract even more  patients or clients using other different strategies and media channels that help them  maximize their sales and  revenue .

These are the results so far for these three clients and the services they used.



The Only 3 Things You Need to Get More Patients