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MILE Services

ATTRACT MORE NEW CLIENTS or PATIENTS  Using our proven and unique Dynamic Sales Funnels and F.P.C. Smart Campaigns together with our mReach System we help you attract more people willing and able to use your  professional services.

BUILD A LIST OF TARGETED LEADS My being able to build a list of all your new leads you can remarket to them again and again. We  can also reactivate your list of past/inactive clients or patients so they come back again.



2nd BUILD a new list or reactivate an old one

Get your new or inactive subscribers back- again & again!.​


Almost on Autopilot: Faster & for Less.

Our Team will:

  • Build and launch your unique campaign in 7 days or less
  • Only work with one client per local area (we do not compete with our clients in any local area)
  • Get your name and your services known by thousands in your local market
  • Continuosly manage and update your campaign to get even better results
  • Help you create additional campaigns throughout the year (with only a month-to-month commitment)
  • Educate your staff on how to follow up with all those targeted leads that come in from your campaigns
  • We help you reach out to existing (current and past) patients so you can offer them additional services

Contact us to find out how we can help you get more patients or clients within weeks...not months 

 Services like:

- Creation of Dynamic Sales Funnels​​​​​​​ - to automate the process of attracting new patients or clients to your business

- F.P.C. Smart Campaigns create almost instant cash flow by marketing to your list using Fast-Path-to-Cash Campaigns

- Dynamic Landing Pages - so you can capture the information of all your website visitors

Ractivation Campaigns- use our mReach System​​​​​​​ to get past clients/patients to come back
- Social Media Content Services-
daily posts tp your Facebook Page in order to attract and engage more people
​​​​​​​- Video Marketing​​​​​​​- 
Just one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words. Videos attract and convert!

NOTE: You can select one or a combination of our different services to maximize your results!​​​​​​​